Ep. 105 - Stephanie White - The Journey Was the Gift
15 Minutes of Mental ToughnessAugust 25, 2022
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Ep. 105 - Stephanie White - The Journey Was the Gift

Coach Stephanie White was previously the head coach of the Indiana Fever and most recently, head coach of Vanderbilt University Women's basketball team. Prior to coaching, Stephanie played five years in the WNBA for the Charlotte Sting and Indiana Fever, and was inducted into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame. While playing at Purdue University during her undergraduate career, Stephanie led the team to a national championship in 1999 and earned Player of the Year. Stephanie currently serves as a basketball analyst for ESPN. 

  • 5:00 Just like one of the guys.
  • 7:15 Doing what other kids won’t.
  • 11:38 Isolated focus.
  • 13:37 The greatest indicator of success.
  • 16:18 Dreams of being a pilot.
  • 17:41 Missing the moments.
  • 24:00 Taking pride in the journey.
  • 25:30 Reflecting on the Final Four.
  • 30:02 This is why.
  • 33:40 Be a star in your role.
  • 36:52 Cant’t rest on past accomplishments.
  • 39:30 Feeling at home.
  • 41:35 Lessons from 9 years as an assistant coach.
  • 43:50 Shifting to a different perspective.
  • 46:12 Applying the pro-style in college.
  • 52:00 Pain and isolation.
  • 54:30 “Head down, push through” mentality. 
  • 57:15 You need to fail. 
  • 1:01:52 There’s struggle in anything worth having.
  • 1:06:35 Comparing journeys isn’t sustainable. 


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