Ep. 110 - Charles Peachock - Your Gift Chooses You
Mental Toughness Podcast With Dr. Rob BellNovember 25, 2022
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Ep. 110 - Charles Peachock - Your Gift Chooses You

Charles Peachock is a professional juggler, winning a world title at the young age of 19. Throughout his 35 years in juggling, he has been a two-time world champion and has been on both the Go-Big Show and The Tonight Show. His talents in juggling additionally earned him a spot as a Finalist on America’s Got Talent. He has performed for major companies such as United Airlines, Goodyear, The Cleveland Clinic, and Kraft Foods among many others. Currently, Charles is a contracted performer with Disney. Ultimately, his Goal is to bring juggling into the next century. 

  • 5:05 The biggest gift at 11 years old.
  • 6:20 It comes from your own will and determination.
  • 8:44 The woodshed days.
  • 12:00 Micro moments that motivate.
  • 13:15 Executing and engaging.
  • 17:30 Mental juggling and stage comfort.
  • 20:43 “That was not me.” 
  • 23:25 Leveraging the senses.
  • 26:48 Switching gears.
  • 28:35 Maintaining the appeal.
  • 32:12 Slowing down to story tell.
  • 36:44 The individual entertainer connection.
  • 38:18 Adding in new tricks.
  • 40:35 Reinventing the art work. 
  • 42:27 The value of autonomy.
  • 45:01 Mental toughness as an asset to uncertainty.
  • 49:54 Understanding the craft. 

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